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Toyota Forklifts



Based in Columbus, Indiana, Toyota Forklifts is a full-line manufacturer of forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers, pallet jacks, tow tractors and AGVs. As the top selling forklift brand since 2002, Toyota Forklifts’ primary focus was to increase market penetration and generate more leads for their dealers at the local level.

AVALA Solution

AVALA partnered with Toyota Forklifts to implement an enterprise-level customer lifecycle and lead nurturing program from concept to execution. Utilizing the power of Aimbase Marketing Automation and AVALA’s lifecycle marketing strategists, a total of 18 customer nurture paths and over 450 email communications were created. Each nurture path was strategically designed with their own unique set of variables, such as customer type and product interest, and ranged from 30 days to 300 days depending on the lead source. To create a personalized experience for prospects, all emails were customized with dynamic content tailored to their specific product interests. This strategy allowed Toyota Forklifts to create relevant content that was focused on driving prospects further down the sales-funnel.

To attract the right B2B customers, Toyota Forklifts engaged AVALA’s digital strategy team to manage all national database management and digital media efforts. The engagement began with a digital audit based on over 200 qualitative and quantitative factors, which identified Toyota Forklifts’ digital marketing strengths and weaknesses relative to the competition. Armed with these key insights, the AVALA digital strategy team was able to implement a database enhancement program and paid media strategy focused on driving traffic to toyotaforklifts.com.