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Marquis-Larson Group



Marquis-Larson Group

Marquis-Larson, an American manufacturer of sport boats, fishing boats, cruisers, runabouts and yachts, has over a century of experience in the marine manufacturing industry. With seven brands in their portfolio, Marquis-Larson needed to completely revamp their marketing infrastructure and develop an integrated digital strategy to effectively generate leads and close more sales.





Website Redesign

AVALA began the engagement by recommending a complete overhaul of each brand’s website, so they could optimize lead generation efforts and deliver a better overall experience to their prospects and customers.



Aimbase Marketing Automation Software and Nurture Streams

AVALA’s proprietary marketing automation and advocacy platform, Aimbase, is the engine that drives Marquis-Larson's content marketing, lead management and customer satisfaction programs. Utilizing the Aimbase platform has enabled Marquis-Larson's marketing team to automate their customer lifecycle activity, so they can focus on closing more leads and improving customer satisfaction.




Waypoints Software

Waypoints is a custom software that AVALA developed for Marquis-Larson to centralize their lead imports from all seven brands. By using this software, Marquis-Larson’s large network of dealers can easily access lead information, amongst other data, with a single log-in allowing for a better user experience.



Adventure Advertising was our creative partner on this project.