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Hatteras Yachts



Hatteras Yachts

For over 55 years, Hatteras Yachts has produced top-of-the-line sportfishing yachts. Each boat, whether it is a sportfishing convertible or a motor yacht, is built with a solid fiberglass hull bottom and warrants its hull for five years—a testament to the ruggedness of its boats. With an established commitment to superior craftsmanship, Hatteras came to AVALA to help increase brand awareness, generate more leads, and sell more yachts.





Website Redesign

AVALA started by revamping the Hatteras website to improve the user experience and generate more leads.





Nurture Streams and Aimbase Marketing Automation Software

AVALA then created custom nurture streams for website leads and implemented Aimbase® marketing automation technology to house lead data and manage nurture communications spanning a 180-day nurture period.





Implemented Digital Strategies

To drive prospects to the new website, AVALA implemented product retargeting banners, SEO keyword research, and Facebook advertising for a stronger and more strategic digital presence.





RSVP Platform

To help drive prospects to boats shows, AVALA developed the Boat Show RSVP platform complete with a landing page, email registration and teasers, and a dealer registration app. 





Adventure Advertising was our creative partner for this project.