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AVALA Marketing Group Partners with Statistical Surveys (SSI)

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Statistical Surveys (SSI) and AVALA Marketing Group are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that will provide integrated data, research and future technology services to current, mutual, and new accounts in the recreation industries including marine, RV, Powersports, Trailers, Manufactured Housing, etc.

SSI, is the recreational industry leader in providing market share, allowing their manufacturer and dealer customers to gain strategic insights on market conditions from a geographic and product perspective. AVALA Marketing Group, supporting over 200 recreation brands in digital strategy, Aimbase® marketing automation and customer experience software utilizes SSI data insights but also provides strategic marketing expertise and technology to tackle market share issues in a proactive and targeted manner.

According to Steve Pizzolato, CEO of AVALA, “We have worked closely with SSI for nearly 15 years by providing complementary services to our mutual clients. We have formed a jointly owned data marketing company called Target Marketing Technologies (www.targetmarketingtechnologies.com), which provides marketing data to clients in the recreation space. Additionally SSI and AVALA will team up on primary research services to provide additional insights into a brand’s market challenges by utilizing primary research such as Brand Awareness, Brand Consideration, Source of Volume or Migration, Product Quality, Portfolio/Product Planning, etc. AVALA has conducted over 1000 of these of these independent studies and now SSI representatives can offer these to their clients as part of the AVALA-SSI relationship.”

Scott Stropkai, President of SSI, added, “This more formalized partnership will allow us to firmly integrate the services of both companies thereby offering a complete suite of services utilizing market share data plus actionable marketing solutions. SSI has always answered our client’s questions on market share, and AVALA has always been able to offer solutions to improve market share. Additionally, Stropkai, mentioned, we have some exciting integrated data driven Business Intelligence platforms in the works that we believe will revolutionize how our clients not only view data, but act on that data.”

For information about this partnership, contact Steve Pizzolato at 636-343-9988 or stevep@avalamarketing.com and Scott Stropkai 616-281-9898 or sstropkai@statisticalsurveys.com

About AVALA Marketing Group

AVALA Marketing Group helps brands selling high-consideration goods and services drive more revenue throughout the entire customer lifecycle. We combine data, intelligent digital strategies, and technology to increase visibility, deliver leads, close more sales, increase customer lifetime value, and maximize your marketing ROI.

Our talented team of experts use Aimbase® Marketing Automation to implement pre- and post-sale digital marketing strategies based on processes and best practices that have been refined over thousands of campaigns.


About SSI

Statistical Surveys delivers market share data to forward-thinking businesses in the Marine, Recreational Vehicle, Powersports, Trailer and Manufactured Housing industries who understand that data’s importance lies, not only in what it can do for them, but in the opportunities missed without it.

Contact SSI at 616-281-9898