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How to Leverage the Marketing Power of Ratings and Reviews

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Think about your last big purchase. Now, think about the research that took place that led you to your final decision. It’s highly likely that at some point in your purchase journey, you read what other customers had to say about the product or service being considered. You may have run across this information on a brand’s website, via social media, or even in the media. Regardless of where your research data was obtained, customer reviews probably had an impact on which products or services were in your final consideration set.

Increasing Customer Retention 5%, Increases Profits up to 95%

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That’s right! Recent studies have shown that increasing customer satisfaction and retention rates by 5%, can help increase profits by 25% to 95%. And if you think these numbers are a stretch, just ask our clients how they have increased sales and brand loyalty with our proven marketing automation and customer satisfaction measurement platform, Aimbase.

Why Marketers Typically Neglect Post-Sale Phases of the Customer Lifecycle

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Often times, the post-sale phases of the customer lifecycle are considered to be the responsibility of the customer service department, not the marketing department. Of course, customer service plays an important role in post-sale nurturing, but it shouldn’t be the solitary focus of your efforts. You should treat your post-sale efforts as proactive marketing, not solely as a reactive customer service function.
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