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Lead Quantity vs. Lead Quality: Strategies for Amplifying Digital Growth

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Do you need more or better leads? Most sales organizations would answer “both!” Unfortunately, the lead sources and lead types that generate the most leads don’t necessarily produce the highest quality leads. For the purposes of this discussion, let’s assume leads that produce the highest close rates are the highest quality leads, and leads that generate the most unique prospects are high quantity leads.​

[Infographic] The 2016 Marketing Survival Guide for OEMs

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With 2015 behind us, it’s time to ramp-up your brand’s digital marketing efforts. If you haven’t already started this process, there’s no need to worry, but now is a good time to start defining your strategy. Whether you’re planning a sales event or a year-long campaign strategy, we’ve put together a few key points that every OEM marketing department should consider when developing a digital marketing plan.
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