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The 10-Step Guide for Implementing a Lead Nurturing Program in a High-Consideration Sales Category

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One of the biggest marketing challenges brands face today is lead engagement. This is especially true of brands that sell high-consideration goods and services through dealer or retail channels, as they have little to no direct control over the sales force selling their products or services. However, what brands in this space can do to influence purchase behavior is implement a lead nurturing strategy.

3 Proven Email Marketing Tactics That Will Increase Brand Engagement

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Email is the most common way to nurture leads, mainly because you can fully automate, customize, and segment your emails so that they are as relevant as possible. If you’re using email for lead nurturing, you probably already have information about certain characteristics and behaviors of your prospects; therefore, you should develop content that marries well with what their interests are at different points in the buying cycle, or based on what got them on the list in the first place.

Marketing Automation: How NOT to be Creepy

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With a powerful tool like marketing automation, sales reps find themselves with a wealth of data and information at their fingertips (who their prospect is, their interests, their web browsing habits, their pain points, etc.), and it’s crucial to know how to use this information effectively — without being creepy.
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