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You Need A New Website... Here's Why

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Did you know that today, 79% of U.S. consumers shop online? That’s a huge percentage of shoppers visiting your website and forming ideas and judgements about your brand based on your web presence.

Capture The Invisible Buyer

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Ever feel like your customers are hiding in plain sight? Well, that's probably because they are. We call them invisible buyers. These are people who are interested in your brand and are researching your products on your website, but may not have ever actively identified themselves.

Lifelong Customers? Yes, Please!

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Yay! Your dealer made a sale, all the hard work paid off! But, the work isn't done. The customer life-cycle extends well beyond the time of purchase. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your existing customer's perception of your brand and the product they now own remains a positive one.

You Have a CRM Tool, Now What?

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All good marketers use some form of a CRM (customer relationship management) tool, but once you have implemented the CRM tool, what steps do you need to take to ensure it is successful?

The Value Of Quality Assurance

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QA is never going to be able to identify every bug or issue; software will never be perfect, and it is unrealistic to think it can be. It is important that decision makers and executives are aware of this, so the QA team is not set up for failure. So, if QA can’t make a product perfect, what is the value?
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