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Two Truths and a Lie: Landing Pages Edition

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Two Truths and A Lie: 

1. Landing pages can increase sales by 5%
2. If you know who your customers are, you can create custom pages just for them. 
3. Landing pages are a waste of time and money  

LIE: Landing Pages are a waste of time and money.

Did you guess right? We hope so! Landing pages are an excellent and easy way to help drive traffic to form pages and generate leads. 

A visit to your website may be the first interaction a prospect has with your brand or business, so the landing page must make a good first impression. This is all part of the customer experience, which spans all the way from pre-purchase to post-purchase and can make the difference between a customer and a loyal customer. 

To learn more about landing pages and customer experience, check out AVALA’s Strategic Initiatives Director, Steve Pizzolato’s, recent talk from IBEX 2018. IBEX is the largest marine industry trade event in North America. Steve discusses tangible ways CX can play an integral role in your sales and daily marketing efforts.

Hungry for more marketing insights? Good, because we are not done yet. In this webinar by AVALA’s Director of Interactive Strategy, Tom Kasperski, you'll learn how creating a custom landing page on your website for your Discover Boating traffic can help your business make a good first impression.

Routing traffic to a page with a targeted message and clear call to action will enhance the visitor experience—and it’s much more effective at driving conversions than just sending them to your website.

And if you want more info on how to create great landing pages, check out our Landing Page Checklist