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Lifelong Customers? Yes, Please!

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Yay! Your dealer made a sale, all the hard work paid off! But, the work isn't done. The customer lifecycle extends well beyond the time of purchase. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your existing customer's perception of your brand and the product they now own remains a positive one. You want to make sure your customers have no reason to doubt your brand or the product.

There are different ways you and your dealers can engage your customers after they make a purchase. Start by focusing on answering questions like, how does my dealer make you feel welcome? How can my brand and my dealer ensure you are happy and satisfied with your purchase and continue our established relationship?

One of the most effective ways to serve your customers post-purchase is to ask them about their satisfaction with their purchase and their sales experience. This shows the customer that they are remembered and that their opinion matters to you. The key to this type of post-purchase communication is personalization. You want your customer to feel like an individual, not just a number in a database. 

Keeping track of all your existing customers can be difficult, but Aimbase makes it easy to store all of their contact and purchase information so you can send them relevant content about things like lifestyle, product upgrades, or anniversaries.

Other ways your dealers can engage with customers post-purchase include, in-person follow-up appointments or phone calls. They could even send a brief thank you video recorded from a cell phone!

At the manufacturer level, another fun strategy to maintain your relationship with existing customers is sending them an unexpected gift to thank them for their commitment to your brand. These small, thoughtful gestures post-purchase can go a long way in the form of referrals, positive reviews, and even second purchases. 

Remember! Keeping in touch and building positive relationships with existing customers is cost-effective.