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Discover The Power Of Custom Builders

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Your website is your virtual showroom, so it is important you have a site that is updated, easy to use, and is designed in an eye-catching way to entice people to spend time on your website. And if you’re a manufacturer selling high consideration goods and services, it is especially important to have many different opportunities for engagement and lead generation.

While you can put “request a quote” or “download a brochure” forms all over your site, those will only get you so far. When selling a high consideration product, like a Boat, RV, or construction equipment, customers love being able to customize their future products right on your site. Not only is it like a fun game of ‘product dress up’ for your customers, there are some strategic advantages to implementing product builders on your website.

  1.  Lead Generation: Most of your web shoppers may not be ready to commit to you by submitting a quote inquiry, so having a custom product builder will not only create engagement, but it’s another way to generate a lead. In order to do this, manufacturers should consider gating the final product reveal or build pricing with a request for information from the consumer.
  2.  Engagement: If done correctly, your product builder should be the biggest lead generation source for you brand and an even bigger on-page consumer engagement tool.  In fact, AVALA’s clients that offer a product builder solution on their website will often see double on-the-page engagement rates as opposed to the customers that don’t offer a builder solution. Also, if you’re running paid media, you’ll want feature your product builder with an evergreen campaign strategy, which will score you even more page views and lead conversions.
  3.  Sales Enablement: After your prospect has created their custom product, they can choose to save the information, share it on social sites, or send it to themselves, but it will also be sent to the dealer nearest to the prospect’s location (if you’re on our  Aimbase Marketing Automation platform, of course). Aimbase will provide the dealer with the prospect’s custom build details and comments, making it much easier for the dealer to reach out and close the sale.

A product builder is a necessity for any manufacturer today. It keeps your prospects engaged and interested, helps generate more leads, and even makes the sales process easier for your dealers.

Below are some examples of product builders we’ve implemented on some of our client sites. If you’re interested in learning more about custom builder tools or other web design and development services, contact us today!