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Capture The Invisible Buyer

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Ever feel like your prospects are hiding in plain sight? Well, that's probably because they are. We call them invisible buyers. These are people who are interested in your brand and are researching your products on your website, but may not have ever actively identified themselves.

Traditionally, buyers would have to walk into a dealership to get information about a brand and its products, which would let you know that they are interested in purchasing your goods or services. Now, however, people are staying at home and doing all their research online, making them more difficult to reach and identify.

So, how can you combat these new issues? Introducing: Aimbase. With Aimbase, you can track buying signals from these invisible buyers, like what products they have recently viewed on your website and pages they have visited, even if they haven't submitted a lead. Knowing what these invisible buyers are doing and how they spend their time on your website is invaluable.

Example: See what links your prospects are clicking on and how many times they have visited your website. This helps you know how ready they are to buy.

Example: See what pages your prospect has visited on your website and understand what products they are interested in.


Once you know what products a customer is interested in, you can nurture them with communications that are specific to the products or services they have looked at on your website. This allows you to stand out from competitors and remain front of mind to your customers.

In an environment where customers are only interacting with brands through their websites and other online resources, inbound marketing is more important than ever. Quality inbound marketing helps your brand attract qualified prospects and keeps them coming back.

If you’re ready to track invisible buyers and convert more leads into sales, click here to schedule your Aimbase demo or for more information!