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Marketing Automation: How To Get Started

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The first step in taking on any new initiative is evaluating how well you are already doing something. The same is true for your marketing efforts. Before you try to implement a new marketing automation plan, it is best to conduct a digital audit to understand what you are doing well and where you could use some improvement. In addition, the digital audit allows you to see how you stack up against your competitors.

A good digital audit will analyze website popularity elements like search presence, site traffic, and website stickiness. The digital audit will also make sure all your digital assets are working correctly, and are enticing to your prospects. All these factors are important for consumers engaging with your content and driving them to your website.

If you’re considering a digital audit, here are some keyfactors that should go into a good digital audit:

Technical Factors: The technical part of your digital audit looks at the elements hindering the organic success of your website such as site architecture, HTML, mobile compatibility, site speed, and duplicate content. Basically, it looks at how well your site is working on a technical level.

SEO Rank: The SEO audit will help to understand what keywords and content are needed to keep your brand coming up in organic searches.

Website Design: This evaluates how well your website is designed and examines elements like navigation and UI (user interface), fonts and color usage, graphics and multimedia, and mobile responsive designs. Having a website that is poorly designed can cause your brand to lose credibility and site visitors.

Website Content: Your site is nothing without its content. If your content isn’t interesting to read or visually appealing, you’ll lose visitors quickly. A content evaluation looks at relevance and quality, landing pages and lead forms, organization, and accessibility.

Social Media: Social media can have a huge impact on promoting your website so it is important that you are utilizing this tool. A thorough social media evaluation will look at content engagement, inbound website traffic, and follower demographics.

Search Engine Marketing: Search engine marketing is 100% trackable and your dollars go much further than traditional marketing. The digital audit will analyze your keywords, ads, and landing page combinations.

Display Advertising: Display advertising is a creative and visual way to get the attention of your prospects. A good audit will look at your contextual and keyword targeting, IP address and zip code targeting, predictive targeting, video targeting, and more.

Email Marketing: Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing communication. An audit will measure how well you execute a lead nurturing strategy, the design and content of your emails, the frequency, and your call-to-actions.

Once the audit is completed, you’ll understand exactly where you stand in the digital ecosystem. . You can use that information to make your marketing automation implementation work well across all your channels and target your prospects effectively.

You can work with a digital agency, like AVALA, to come up with a strategy that improves your weaknesses and capitalizes on your strengths. Feel free to learn more by checking out an example of a digital audit, or contact us if you’re ready to conduct your own audit and get started with marketing automation today.