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It’s Not That Your Leads Are Bad, But It Could Be Your Timing

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If you’re a marketer responsible for driving sales through a dealer network, it’s highly likely that you’ve had dealers complain about the leads they receive from your marketing efforts. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Often times, the root cause of the problem isn’t the lead, but rather the timing of the communications to the lead. It may seem like a lead is bad simply because the prospect doesn’t make a purchase right away or doesn’t respond, but that isn’t the case. Understanding which types of leads are sales-ready is important because it enables your sales reps to use their time most efficiently and close the most sales. 

The key to scoring your leads is monitoring online activity with your content. Knowing which online actions deserve a follow-up is vital to your success.

Most marketing automation platforms (like Aimbase®) provide insights into your prospect’s online interactions with your content. With Aimbase, you and your dealers can see if a prospect reads your email, what pages they visit on your website, and any content they may download. Many sales reps may be tempted to contact prospects when they take any online actions, but not all actions merit a follow-up, and you don’t want your prospects to feel like you’re being creepy.

For example, if someone simply views a blog post, they probably don’t deserve a call. If a prospect views pricing or product details, they are probably further along in the consideration process and are more sales-ready. This prospect deserves a call.

By going after the leads that are further along in the sales cycle, your dealers will be able to make more sales, and not have to work as hard. An added bonus to online tracking is that dealers are able to tell which products a prospect is interested in and can offer insight or special offers for that product.

The bottom line: don’t jump the gun with your leads. Wait patiently, even though it may be difficult, for them to come to you. Once you know they are ready to buy your products or services, give them a call and close the deal.

For information on marketing automation technology that can help you track your leads online, contact us, or read more.