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4 Key Website Re-Design Considerations for Manufacturers

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With design trends, SEO strategies, and marketing technology changing constantly, how can your brand keep up when the digital world seems to progress overnight? If you're managing all of these tasks on your own, it can be overwhelming, and maybe even seem impossible.

AVALA Marketing Group is here to help. We have extensive experience building and maintaining websites for manufacturers selling through dealer and retail channels, so we know exactly what digital solutions will help you attract more prospects and sell more.

Even if you're not ready to completely re-vamp your website, here are 4 website redesign considerations you should be thinking about today:


  1. Choose the Right CMS
    You may be thinking Wordpress or PHP-based platforms may be the right solution for your brand due to their popularity. While these platforms are a quick and inexpensive solution, there are some security threats as well as personalization limitations. At AVALA, we manage, maintain, and own all of our equipment, making all of our sites more secure. We also custom build all of our sites with unique features and designs so all of our websites stand out from the crowd.
  2. Lead with Lead Generation
    Before you even think about designing your website, you must build a site architecture (or site map) that is focused on lead generation. There is a very specific blue print that manufacturers should follow with regards to lead generation and AVALA’s digital team offers a proprietary blend of strategy and user experience best practices to help you build a lead generation machine.
  3. Create More Engagement with Product Builders
    One of the biggest web-based lead generation tools a manufacturer can implement today is an online product builder. Allowing your potential customers to customize colors, attachments, and features, creates more engagement on your website and gives you and your dealers a better idea of the customer’s product needs and interests. AVALA offers a custom product builder for manufactures, even if you don’t host your website with us.
  4. Don’t Forget About Marketing Automation
    Now that you have the perfect website blueprint for lead generation, how do you plan on managing leads? Lucky for you, AVALA Marketing Group offers a proprietary marketing automation platform, called Aimbase, which was built specifically for brands selling through a dealer channel. Aimbase hooks into your website(s) and tracks web/lead behavior, distributes leads to dealers, automates nurture emails and measures the customer experience (post-purchase) – all in one platform. Schedule a demo


Chris-Craft's website was built to give the Chris-Craft internal marketing team full control over their site. They are able to handle their own content, SEO management, and landing pages using a new "drag-and-drop" tool and gallery/ product management. Their site also features a custom boat builder so their prospects can visualize exactly what their new boat might look like and order right on their site. 


Thor Motor Coach
AVALA redeveloped Thor Motor Coach's website to give it a new look and powerful tools. AVALA built a step-by-step RV builder so that prospects can totally personalize their RV and purchase right on the site. Thor's site also includes custom tour date picker on their factory tour form so that prospects can pick where they want to come see a Thor RV in person. The site was built using our Umbraco CMS tool, giving Thor control in updating content. The back end of the site also has a spec and options uploader to cut down on the amount of time it takes to get new models on the site as they roll out each year. 

Hatteras Yachts
AVALA worked with Hatteras Yachts to develop a sleek design with all the latest trends in website development. Whether you want to take a virtual tour of your dream yacht or explore the model image galleries, you’ll be completely immersed in the Hatteras lifestyle.


Marquis-Larson Group
Marquis-Larson Group was in need of a digital hub for a series of brands owned by Larson. Outside of promoting the Larson house brand series, they needed a web property that would serve as a launch pad to several brand websites sold by the manufacturer. These brand websites were also developed by AVALA and are featured below.


If you're interested in learning more about how AVALA can improve your website, contact us.