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[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Plan the Customer Journey with Marketing Automation

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Planning the customer journey can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right marketing technology, strategy or an accurate understanding of your target customer’s purchase behaviors. Even if you have a good handle on how your customers engage with your brand at each stage in the customer journey, it can still be a challenge developing the right communications mix to achieve your desired outcomes.

When it comes to communications, there are many marketing strategies you can choose from to engage your target customers, but sometimes, these strategies can be labor intensive and unmeasurable. Fortunately, the evolution of marketing automation technology has solved many communication challenges facing brands today, allowing them to automate and tailor messages to each unique prospect/customer interested in the brand.

At AVALA Marketing Group, we help our clients develop effective and measurable communications strategies using our proprietary marketing automation technology, Aimbase. To illustrate our unique approach to customer lifecycle marketing, check out the infographic below:

Full Lifecycle_Infographic.png