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3 Proven Email Marketing Tactics That Will Increase Brand Engagement

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Email is the most common way to nurture leads, mainly because you can fully automate, customize, and segment your emails so that they are as relevant as possible. 

If you’re using email for lead nurturing, you probably already have information about certain characteristics and behaviors of your prospects; therefore, you should develop content that marries well with what their interests are at different points in the buying cycle, or based on what got them 
on the list in the first place.

The most important thing to remember when creating email content is to make sure your subscribers want to open and read your email. That may consist of doing some research on what topics they would find interesting or valuable, and what formats they prefer.

There are many ways to approach emailing your prospective customers, but here are a few proven tactics to consider when developing your lead nurturing campaign:  

Auto-Responder Emails

Auto-responders are automated campaigns that send an email acknowledging the customer took a certain action, such as completing a web form. Auto-responders can provide additional, customized information not available on your website, and lets the customer know the next steps they can expect.

2. Timed Emails

Lead nurturing with email has a lot to do with timing. Timed emails are the most common form of lead nurturing. They are a series of pre-written, custom emails that are automatically sent to your segmented lists at certain times. The timing can be based on a certain lead activity, such as a brochure request, or based on certain events, such as a customer’s birthday.

Email is more of a science than an art, and there’s a lot of data out there suggesting how often to contact a prospect after they’ve taken a certain action. Of course, it’s better to collect your own email timing data to determine the best results for how often to “touch” certain segments in the buying cycle. For instance, the frequency of your email communications may increase when your prospect is on the verge of making a buying decision, as opposed to a prospect that has slowed their level of engagement with your brand.

3. Custom Email Blasts

A custom email blast is an email with content that is relevant to a larger group of prospects, independent of how the customer became a prospect. For example, an email announcing a national sales promotion would be of interest to all prospects, even though the email itself is customized based on a specific product the customer is interested in.

Customized email blasts can significantly increase CTRs through design, copy, and testing best practices. Also, most advanced marketing automation software allows you to easily create customized email blasts, giving you flexibility when tailoring a message for your products and company. You can find success by using a consistent, timeless design in all of your marketing efforts, including email blasts. That way, your prospects will see a cohesive message with all the same branding elements, like logos and colors.

As you know, email is one of the most cost-effective lead nurturing tactics for your brand. However, taking a multi-channel, integrated approach will increase your chances of closing more sales. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use every channel available - just be aware that your reach and engagement can be multiplied when using a combination of lead nurturing channels, such as digital marketing, social media and direct.

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